Health Benefits of mushrooms for kids. Mushroom recipes for kids

Although you can see them being mixed with vegetables and fruits in the supermarket production section, mushrooms say so, none of them fall into it! These are a type of fungus. This mushroom is not included in any plant or animal world.

Health Benefits of mushrooms for kids

Can children eat mushrooms?

There is no barrier to the existence or guidance of whether or not children should be fed mushrooms.

How old can children eat mushrooms?

Although there are different views on this, there are two broad trends in this regard. According to one party, give children mushrooms until they are at least 10 months or older. In both cases, everyone agrees that mushrooms should be cooked and the kids need to cook them very well before serving them because they contain bacteria that will break down during the cooking process.

Nutritional value of mushrooms.

  • Nutrient Content (per 1 cup or 78 grams)
  • Calories 15.4 grams.
  • 2.2 grams of protein.
  • Dietary fiber .7 g.
  • Potassium 223 mg.
  • Phosphorus 60.2 mg.
  • 97.3 mg of omega-6 fatty acids.
  • 1.2 grams of sugar.

Benefits of mushrooms for children.

The health benefits of eating mushrooms are as unique as their diversity due to their unique nature.

1. Helps maintain liver health.

Mushrooms are one of those rare foods that help detoxify the liver. They protect the liver from damage. They are especially helpful for infants and young children because they are prone to diseases like hepatitis B and jaundice that damage the liver.  They are more effective.

2. Vitamin D

Most vegetarians do not have enough vitamin D in their diet, vitamin D can be obtained from dairy products and sunlight. However, as Indians live in a tropical climate, most parents avoid exposing their children to direct sunlight except in winter.


While non-vegetarians have plenty of iron in their diet, vegetarian diets mostly include green leafy vegetables and nuts that provide them with iron. Iron is a very important component of hemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells and is needed for the formation of new blood cells.  is

4. Increases immunity.

Mushrooms contain bio-chemicals that strengthen the immune system. After the age of three months the baby's health immunity declines (the immune system replaced by the mother lasts for three months), if the immune system is regulated it can help the baby stay healthy and avoid various diseases.  Helps in quick recovery from.

5. Anti-oxidants

Antioxidants help rid the body of "free radicals" or "free radicals" that are formed as byproducts during normal metabolic processes. These free radicals can cause damage to the body's cells and DNA. Another reason is that as a supplement  Ingestion of Antioxidants As antioxidants cannot be used by the body as efficiently as they could be, antioxidants are usually obtained from food.

How to select the right mushrooms.

• Always buy fresh mushrooms. If you buy packaged mushrooms from a store, pick up the package that was delivered that day.

• Good mushrooms are always dry and do not have any broken cracks.

• Mushroom “gills” or gills (the inside of the mushroom cap) should be brown or pink. If the inside of the mushroom cap turns black, do not pick any of those types of mushrooms.

• If the mushrooms are not packed in plastic, you can take the scent of them. They should not even have a faint smell. If it smells like it's going stale, don't take it.

• Avoid canned or canned mushrooms as they contain preservatives.

How to store mushrooms fresh?

In a refrigerator, mushrooms can be safely stored for a week. Put them in a paper bag or put them on a tray and cover them inside the fridge with a paper towel. Do not place them inside a plastic bag. 

When preparing the mushrooms, do not soak them in the water, as it will cause them to lose their own taste and smell. Wash them with water quickly or even once again you can wipe them thoroughly with a wet cloth.

Mushroom allergy risk for young children, like most foods, mushrooms have the potential to have allergies. Although allergy figures for mushrooms are not clearly known, it is estimated that it is roughly about 1%. However, raw mushrooms can relieve seedlings, and increase the allergy to pollen molecules that affect breathing. Such allergies are very common.

Delicious mushroom recipes for kids.

Since mushrooms are usually an additional side dish, it is difficult to figure out how to include them in a child's diet so that they are not left out.

1. Puree

A great way to introduce mushrooms to a child's diet is to prepare mushroom puree for children.

What will you need?

• Button mushrooms (finely chopped)-300 gms
• Onion (finely chopped)-1 small
• Potatoes (cut into cubes)-150 gms
• Cream cheese-50 grams
• Butter
• Water – 3/4 of a cup

Preparation steps.

• Heat a pan and melt some butter in it and saute the onion and mushroom chunks in it till they become crispy.(on medium heat)

• Now add the potato pieces and water and cook it again for about 10 minutes.

• Once cooked, blend the mixture in a mixture grinder.

• Now add cream cheese to it and blend once more.

2. Butter mushroom.

You can reduce the amount of garlic, pepper, herbs and salt required for your child's palette.

What will you need?

• Button mushrooms (finely chopped)-200 gms

• Garlic (crushed)-10 gms

• Butter- 2 big spoons

• Herbs (dried or fresh coriander leaves, parsley, basil or oregano) – 1 teaspoon (dried) or 2 teaspoons (finely chopped fresh)

• Chilli-1/2 tsp

• Salt – to taste

Preparation steps

• Melt the butter on low heat and fry the garlic in it.

• When the garlic starts to fry, add the mushroom slices and continue to saute.

• The mushrooms will release a lot of water until the water dries up as you continue to cook but make sure the mushrooms are still moist.

• Now add red chillies, herbs and salt and switch off the gas flame.

This pada can be eaten with roti chapati, white rice etc. If you make it with salted or salted butter then add less salt in the last step.

3. Mushrooms polao

Polao is a great hearty dish for your baby that you can make with mushrooms.

What will you need?

• Button mushroom (crushed)-200 gms
• Oil- 2 tbsp
• Basmati rice-200 grams
• Onion (crushed)-1 large size
• Water-1.75 cups
• Lemon juice- 1 tsp
• Garlic-10 grams
• Ginger-10 grams
• Raw Chilli-1 t
• Spices (1/2 teaspoon cumin, 1-inch cinnamon stick, 2 cardamoms, 2 cloves, 2 bay leaves)

Preparation step 

• First wash the rice well and soak it for half an hour.

• Heat oil in a pressure cooker and fry the spices in it.

• When the spices start to fry, add the chopped onions and wait until they turn golden brown in color.

• Crush garlic, ginger, green chillies and mix it with onion.

• Add mushrooms to this and cook for 5 minutes.

• Now add the soaked rice and mix everything else with it.

• Add water and lemon juice and add salt to taste.

• Keep the lid of the cooker closed until 2-3 whistles are heard.

Your mushroom polawa is ready!If you wish you can garnish it with coriander leaves and serve it in front of the kids.

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