Low blood pressure headache home remedies

Many people suffer from low blood pressure symptoms such as headaches, dizziness or the result of circulation problems.  Thin people who drink little and do not exercise are often affected.  Low Blood Pressure Various measures can be taken to bring the pressure within the normal range and thus combat the symptoms associated with low blood pressure.  If measures to normalize blood pressure are carried out permanently, there is a high probability that blood pressure will remain in the normal range permanently.

Low blood pressure headache home remedies

We are very aware of high blood pressure but not so much about low blood pressure.  Many people have low blood pressure in summer.  There is a normal level of blood pressure in the human body due to the dehydration that occurs in the body during sweating.  Normally a healthy normal person's blood pressure should be 120/80. 
Based on this, high blood pressure and low blood pressure are measured.

Low blood pressure headache home remedies

Both increase and decrease in blood pressure are harmful to health.  If the blood pressure is around 90/60 then it is called low blood pressure or low blood pressure.  Many are very worried about this.  In most cases it does not cause much damage in our health.  But if low pressure is long term then it becomes harmful to health.  Let's know about the causes, symptoms and remedies of low blood pressure!

Causes of low blood pressure

Low pressure does not occur for a specific reason.  It can be due to various reasons.  So let's know the reasons first!

1) Dehydration in the body

In summer, our body sweats a lot, resulting in dehydration.  Many are affected by this.

2) Not eating proper food

Our body requires a certain amount of food.  It may happen if you don't eat that food on time and properly.

3) Overwork

Exertion should always be tolerable to the body.  And if it leaves the level, the pressure can be low.

4) Anxiety

Low blood pressure can also be caused by mental restlessness, anxiety, fear etc.  Because the connection between mind and body is very close.

5) Malnutrition

Even if there is a nutritional problem in the body, the pressure is low.

6) Insufficient sleep

Inadequate sleep also lowers blood pressure.  A person needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep to stay healthy.

7) Diarrhea

Diarrhea or excessive vomiting during diarrhea causes low blood pressure.

8) Indigestion

Indigestion can also cause low blood pressure.

9) Bleeding

Even if there is a cut somewhere or excessive bleeding due to some other reason, the pressure is low.

10) Anemia

If anemia occurs in the body, the pressure is low.

11) Hormonal imbalance

Many have hormonal imbalances in their bodies, which cause problems.

12) During pregnancy

In the first 6 months of pregnant mothers, there is low blood pressure due to the effect of hormones.  Next time it's fixed.

13) Others

Also heart problem, adrenal gland problem, temperature variation in the body, gastric problem, suffering from any long term disease, nerve problem etc. also cause low blood pressure.  Low blood pressure can also be caused by the side effects of several medications.

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Why does low blood pressure cause headaches?

Low blood pressure can cause pounding or palpitation headaches.  Headaches are caused by poor oxygen supply to the brain when blood pressure is too low.  Blood vessels in the brain cause blood to bleed when blood pressure is low, and blood vessels respond by constricting when blood pressure is high.

This effect is due to the fact that blood circulation can be maintained within a certain range.  However, this process is only effective for systolic blood pressures between 100 and 200 mmHg. When blood pressure drops below this threshold, blood flow decreases and headaches can occur. Blood flow to the head is of particular importance, since blood must circulate against gravity.  .  The effects of low blood pressure are therefore first noticeable through symptoms caused by low blood pressure in the brain.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

We can easily identify a person with low pressure from some symptoms.  If the disease is detected at the right time, the cure is much easier.  Let's know the symptoms now!

1. Dizziness or feeling light-headed.
2. Sudden dizziness or loss of balance when standing up from a sitting position.
3. Fainting.
4. Darkness or blurred vision in the eyes.
5. Nausea
6. Physical or mental fatigue.
7. Feeling very thirsty.
8. Frequent breathing.
9. Cold hands and feet.
10. Decreased urination.
11. Abnormally fast heartbeat.

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

If the pressure decreases, if you follow the rules below without worrying, you will get rid of this problem quickly.  Let's know what to do!

1) Food saline

If the pressure is low, saline should be consumed first.  When the blood pressure drops due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in the body, the blood pressure rises only when the food is saline.  Food saline is the most beneficial and immediately effective.

2) Glucose

If you have low blood pressure, you can eat glucose.  It has very practical benefits.

3) Salty food

Salt and salt-like foods should be consumed.  Sodium increases blood pressure rapidly.  So eating salty foods, it helps increase blood pressure.  You can also drink salt water.  Mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and drink two glasses daily.  The pressure will be almost normal.

4) Milk and eggs

Eat nutritious food including milk and eggs.  Duck eggs are more effective than chicken eggs.

5) Coffee

Coffee is very effective in raising blood pressure.  Having a cup of coffee after breakfast in the morning will keep the blood pressure normal.  Foods like chocolate and caffeine are healing.

6) Raisins

Raisins are very beneficial for patients.  Soak 30/40 raisins in a cup of water overnight and eat on an empty stomach the next day.  By playing regularly for a few days, low pressure will come under control.

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7) Honey and almonds

Honey and almonds play a very effective role.  Mixing honey with milk gives good benefits and you can eat almonds and peanuts.

8) Mint leaves

Surprisingly, it is true that mint leaves raise blood pressure quickly.  So when the pressure decreases, you can twist this leaf and mix it with honey and eat it.

9) Exercise

Exercise is very effective in keeping the pressure normal.  Exercise regulates blood flow to the heart.  In case of low blood pressure, exercise should be done along with food.

10) Fresh vegetables

Vegetables are very useful in preventing low blood pressure.  It can be due to vitamin and mineral deficiency.  Folic acid increases blood pressure. So you can eat green vegetables, because it contain the most folic acid.

At last 

Finally, I am giving some tips - be careful in using medicines that reduce blood pressure.  Drink enough water during this time.  Moreover, after lying down or sitting for a long time, you should get up carefully or slowly.  There is no specific treatment.  This problem can be cured at home.  It requires treatment according to the symptoms.  Those who have this problem for a long time must consult a doctor.

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